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Our daughter has attended CDC for 2 1/2 years and she has been so excited to go to school each day. We've been so happy with the energy, thought, and time they put into their classrooms and teaching. Her teachers have been wonderful, providing us with constant feedback and making her feel confident and secure. We will be forever grateful ~Karissa V. There simply aren't enough words to describe how thankful we are as a family for the services we've been offered and have received through the CDC. From the teachers, assistants, and the director to all of her therapists, Harper has grown and progressed far beyond what we could have imagined in such a short period of time. Not only have they prepared Harper for kindergarten, but they have increased exponentially her confidence to engage and play alongside children her own age with gentle but firm encouragement and instruction. Harper has progressed using primarily memorized statements and questions to the beginnings of conversations and questioning curiously the world around her.
We know there is still work to do, but we would not be anywhere near where we are without the amazing program we've been blessed to be a part of. We as parents have felt like a part of the team since Harper's very first day and we can't express or convey how highly we would recommend this program to other parents in the community. We look forward to sending our 3 year old n the fall! ~Chali & Wes D. When my son first started going to the preschool I was really nervous about taking him there, but the staff and all the people at the CDC are amazing. My son was behind on somethings but since he has been going to the CDC Preschool he has learned so much & has made so many friends & has blossomed so much. His teachers in the purple room are beyond fabulous and really caring. Looking to when my son started to now, they have helped us so so much. Between teaching my son and introduced potty training as well all the way to being more social, learning how to write his name, and much more. When it wasn't school days he would ask me if he could go & when we passed he always says "my school"! My son loves going to the CDC preschool & I loved that as well. All in all , for sure the greatest experience for preschool & the group of people there. Really HIGHLY recommend!!!
Sad to leave, wishing that everyone could come with us, such a great place! I know we will not find anything as amazing as the CDC Preschool! Thank You so much for getting my son to blossom out of his shell and being so great to us while we have been here. Going to miss everyone at the CDC Preschool! ~Melissa S.
My son started at the preschool when he was 3 and had a severe speech issue. If it wasn't for the amazing teachers, speech therapists, and staff at CDC, our son would not be ready for kindergarten. Each person at the school has helped to build his confidence and has given him his voice back. Their patience, understanding, and commitment has been unlike any other I have seen. We were truly blessed and beyond thankful to have gotten the opportunity to have our son go here! As our boy makes his way through life with his big strong voice, we will continue to think of each of you. ~Kelci A. From our son himself:
Thank you for being nice and helping me grow. I really like school. My children have learned so much from the Child Development Center Preschool program. They are both so excited to go to school each day.
We, as parents, have been so impressed with the thought, time, and energy that has been put into their classroom and teaching. Our kids growth and interpersonal skills obtained by attending this structured program has really prepared them for the next step in their education and life. ~Rachel C. This past year has shown so much growth in my son. I have loved hearing about all of the different projects the class has done on a daily basis. My son is fully ready for kindergarten and is already beginning to read easy children's books. His speech has improved drastically as well. The only times he is hard to understand now is when he is super excited and talks fast. I have been extremely happy with the communication between staff and myself as well. 
Thank you so much for all you do! ~Jessica T. Where to begin! Our family has been with the CDC for 3 years and will continue for another 2. We feel that everyone, front to back, has the highest love and care for our children. Both on a personal level and for their education. Young children are very busy and demand a high amount of energy. Not a single day have I seen any care giver falter in their outpouring of dedication. Every day my daughter is excited for school to begin & sad to leave. She loves her teachers, the administration and the facility. I so greatly appreciate the evaluation process for tracking the children's development, and the follow through with individual education plains. I have personally seen amazing growth of my daughter along with her peers, which is greatly attributed to the level of education they receive here. We will greatly miss everyone at the CDC when the last of our children age onto elementary. We give you ALL the highest thanks and praise for your hard work with our little ones.
 ~Jaeger Family My child has been with the CDC for 2.5 years now and honestly the facility and the people feel like family now.
Commonly with toddlers and young kids you experience phases of separation anxiety and/or other developmental leaps. These can be gut wrenching to experience as a parent but I've always been pleased and trusted the CDC to help me and my child through these times. They found my child's niche (cats) and helped her feel excited and have something personal to look forward to. With time we've made it through those leaps.
The CDC has also been supportive of my child's personal needs when it come to milestones she wasn't hitting on par with peers - Working together to find a personalized solution for her. The patience they show with children helping them learn to socially navigate school and peers has been absolutely incredible! As our time at CDC comes to an end, I can honestly say we will miss each staff member so much and I'm grateful for my daughter's experience here! ~Taylor C

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