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Sheridan and Johnson Counties

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Sheridan South Preschool

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Karen's Place

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Services and Therapies

Family Service Coordination & Early Intervention: Family Service Coordinators are the main point of contact for information, questions or concerns regarding services for children ages birth to three years. A Family Service Coordinator provides families with recommendations and ideas for daily routines, community resources and parent support.


Special Education: Early Childhood Special Educators provide services to children who have delays or impairments in areas of; problem solving, exploration of play, concepts related to preschool ideas, peer and adult interactions,
development of independence, development of self,
understanding of place within the environment,
participation in daily routines, taking action to get
needs met, and establishing routines.


Occupational Therapy: Occupational Therapists
provide therapy for children with delays related to
self-help skills, hand-eye coordination, adaptive
behavior and play, sensory, motor, and postural


Speech and Language Therapy: Speech and
Language Pathologists provide therapy to children

with delays or impairments in understanding language, using language, speech sound pronunciation, voice irregularities, swallowing, and/or feeding. If a child is unable to use speech successfully to communicate a supplemental device may be recommended.


Physical Therapy: Physical Therapists provide therapy to children with delays or impairments in motor movements used for sitting, crawling, walking, running, balance, and coordination for play (playgrounds, ball skills, games). Physical Therapists address needs for wheelchairs and other equipment.


Preschool Program: Preschool Teachers provide engaging activities in an inclusive environment for children with special needs and typically developing children ages
3 through 5.


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