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We are here to identify your child’s strengths and needs and to create a Individualized Education Program to address those needs, at no cost to you.


Your team

Will identify your child’s strengths

and needs. This team will include:



  • You
  • Case Manager
  • Certified and licensed Child Development Center professionals.
                  • Anyone else you wish to include, such as other family members, your child’s doctor, and/or professionals from other agencies.


Early childhood special education services

for children ages three through five are provided through the Child Development Centers in Sheridan and Johnson counties.   These services are designed to meet the developmental and educational needs of young children in the following areas:  Cognitive (thinking skills), Communication, Gross and Fine Motor, Adaptive (self-help skills), Social Skills and Behavior (interpersonal skills and relating to peers).


These services are provided by professionals with training and expertise in special education services in order to support the educational needs of young children and families.  These professionals include Early Childhood Special Educators, Speech/Language Pathologists, Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists.


Early childhood special education professionals and related service providers provide specialized instruction to children with disabilities in a variety of settings such as preschool, childcare centers, Head Start and other early childhood settings to meet the developmental learning needs of these children.


Any time you have questions or concerns, please let us know. Your comfort, understanding of the process, and goals are important to providing the best services for your child and family.



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